Records of Interest

Beginning April 2019, certain public records that are frequently being requested from the Arizona Attorney General's Office may be found below.

While not all public records that have been requested of this office appear below, General Brnovich recognizes that sometimes topics of interest to the public require more readily available records. Please find a list of frequently sought records below.

Should you need to submit a public records request for other records not found below, please do so by filling out our form.

Current and Former AG Brief in Support of Lawsuit Against ABOR
James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal Brief in Support of Lawsuit Against ABOR
Law Professor Amicus Brief in Support of Lawsuit Against ABOR
Letter to Financial and Lending Institutions Serving Arizonans
State of AZ v. ABOR Tuition Supplemental Brief
AG Brnovich Files Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Illegal Mailing of Ballots
State’s Reply in Supreme Court Petition for Special Action RE: City of Phoenix Rideshare
SCOTUS Upholds Death Penalty in McKinney v. Arizona
42 State Attorneys General Support Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act of 2019
Letter to Bullhead City Council RE: alleged us of city resources to influence an election
Ninth Circuit Grants Stay in DNC v. Hobbs
AGO Filed Stay with Ninth Circuit in DNC v Hobbs
Arizona Leads 14-State Coalition in Defense of Religious Liberty
Letter to U.S. Attorney M. Bailey RE: ADE and ESA Disclosure
Notice of Supplemental Authority Regarding City of Phoenix Rideshare Fee
Letter to Senators McSally and Sinema from Attorney General Brnovich RE: Reject Articles of Impeachment
1487 Investigation Report: Whether City of Phoenix Ordinance G-6650 Violates Article IX, § 25 of AZ Constitution
9th Circuit Opinion on First Amendment Coalition v. Ryan
Letter from Industrial Commission of Arizona Director James Ashley RE: A.R.S. §§ 23-901.01 and 23-1105
Report Regarding Sedona’s Tourism Promotion Agreement With Chamber Of Commerce
Letter to Bullhead City RE: Alleged use of City Resources to Influence an Election
Brackeen v. Berhard (ICWA) - 5th Circuit Decision
Letter to Governor Ducey from Attorney General Brnovich Re: Death Penalty
Letter to Cathleen Dooley RE: Perry High School inquiry
Proposed T-Mobile U.S., Inc. and Sprint Corporation Merger
State of AZ ex rel. ADEQ v Johnson Utilities, LLC, et al
ABOR Omni Lawsuit - Response to the MTD on Gift Clause
SOS Clodfelter Lobbying Ban Referral
George Johnson Threat Allegations Investigation
Perry High School Letter
Corrective Letter to League of Cities & Towns re: First Responders Healthcare
Corrective Letter to City of Phx re: First Responders Healthcare
Letter to League of Cities & Towns re: First Responders Healthcare
Letter to Legislature re: Equality Arizona et al. v. Hoffman et al.
Perry High School Response to AGO
Email to Legislature re: HB 2523 (Applicability of VPA)