Benefits of Mediation

One of the primary benefits of mediation is that it provides the charging parties and respondents with an opportunity to resolve their disputes in a timely manner, without the time, cost and stress of having to participate in a full investigation process (potentially involving interviews, responding to document requests and subpoenas, on-site investigations of property, etc.). It also allows the parties to come up with their own solutions to the issues—which may be different from those achievable as a result of litigation. Other benefits include:

  • Participants retain control of the outcome
  • Confidential process
  • Builds communication skills
  • Minimizes time and expense
  • Non-threatening environment
  • Clarifies the issues
  • Convenient
  • Efficient
  • Non-judgmental – no blame
  • Preserves relationships
  • Quicker/cheaper resolution of dispute
  • Creative approaches to resolving dispute
  • Allows parties to be heard