Victims’ Rights Funding

A.R.S. § 41-191.06(A) establishes a Victims’ Rights Program (VRP) in the Attorney General’s Office. The Program is charged with assisting and monitoring state and local entities that are required to implement and comply with Arizona’s victims’ rights laws. The Attorney General’s VRP Plan includes the following: (1) disbursement of Victims’ Rights Fund (VRF) monies pursuant to A.R.S. § 41-191.08, (2) performance and financial evaluations of agencies that receive these monies, and (3) submission of an annual report to the Arizona Governor and Legislature on the VRP.


Who is eligible for funding from the VRF?

State, county and local governmental entities that provide mandated victims’ rights services (A.R.S. §§ 41-191.06; 41-191.08).

Where are monies for the VRF derived from?

A portion of a $9 penalty assessment imposed on criminal offenses and certain civil violations and collected by the courts. (A.R.S. § 12-116.08)

My agency is interested in applying for VRP funds. What should we do?

We are currently not accepting applications for new VRF grantees due to low revenue in the VRF.

My agency receives VRP funds. Do I have to apply each year?

Once you are a VRP recipient agency, you do not have to reapply each year in the form of an application. However, your agency must comply with certain conditions as outlined in your Funding Agreement in order to continue receiving funds each year. If you comply, your agency will receive the same percentage of the total funds available as determined by the legislature and the budgeted revenues each year.

What are the important dates to be aware of as a VRP recipient?

VRP runs on the state fiscal year (July-June). At the beginning of the fiscal year, agencies will be notified of awards for the next fiscal year and will be required to submit a budget proposal for approval and sign an award agreement in order to receive VRP funds. Mid-fiscal year, each agency will be required to complete a Performance Review, answering questions about the agency’s use of VRP funds, which serves as the application for funds for the next fiscal year. Finally, after the end of the fiscal year, each agency is required to complete an Annual Report, detailing services and expenditures from the previous fiscal year.

How can I complete required forms/reports for VRP?

All VRP actions are completed through our Grants Management (GMAN) system at Each person that requires access for an agency will need to make an account, then email [email protected] for account approval.

I am having technical issues with the GMAN system. What should I do?

Contact the GMAN Help Desk at 1-866-449-1425, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm.

I am funded by VRP. How often do I need to take victims’ rights training?

VRP agencies are required to take the AGO’s Basic Victims’ Rights training every 5 years, and to take the AGO’s Basic Victims’ Rights training every year. Visit to register.

Who can I contact with questions regarding VRP?

Contact the State Victims’ Rights Funding Administrator at [email protected].