Victims' Rights Education

The Office of Victim Services hosts accredited presentations intended for criminal justice providers who work directly with, or parallel to, crime victims. Our presentations reflect our authority to educate the community regarding the complexities of victims’ rights statute, compliance with law, and extending providers’ knowledge to crime victims served.

Basic Victims' Rights

This presentation is highly recommended for employees new to victims' rights or for anyone who needs a refresher. Content covers fundamental information about victims' rights for adult and juvenile crimes in Arizona.


  • Brief History
  • Legal Definitions
  • Victims’ journey through the justice system with applicable rights/responsibilities
  • Pre-Conviction/Adjudication
  • Post-Conviction/Adjudication
  • Restitution

Basic Victims' Rights is presented from 9AM to 3PM with a one hour break for lunch.

Please note: It is highly recommended that you attend the Basic prior to attending the Advanced.

Advanced Victims' Rights - October 2023-August 2024

This presentation is for experienced victim services providers, Basic Victims’ Rights graduates, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of victims’ rights in the state of Arizona.


  • 2023 Legislative Updates
  • Making “Cents” of Restitution

Advanced Victims' Rights is presented in a 3 hour session from 9AM to 12PM.