Victims' Rights Outreach and Education

Registration for FY23 is now open!

2022/2023 Presentation Schedule & Online Registration

Since COVID-19, the Office of Victim Services has had great success and feedback conducting presentations as webinars. All presentations will continue to be conducted as webinars on Please review our webinar participation requirements below. As always, the Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services is committed to the health of our staff, partners and community and continue to be available to assist with victims’ rights questions and technical assistance via email and telephone.

Webinar Participation Requirements:

  • You must register for the webinar as an individual. Please ensure you enter the webinar using your own unique link listed in your registration confirmation email. Do not share your webinar link with anyone. If you do not use your own unique link, your attendance cannot be verified and credit cannot be provided to you
  • Please ensure you enter the webinar using Firefox or Chrome.
  • If you enter the webinar more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time or exit more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled end time, you will not be able to receive credit for attendance.
  • You must be in attendance and actively participate for the duration of the training to receive credit.
  • By entering the webinar, you agree to cooperate in maintaining a professional learning environment.

Victims' Rights Outreach and Education - FAQs

I’m funded by VOCA. How often do I need to take these trainings?

Systems-based advocates are required to attend Basic every 5 years and Advanced annually. Community-based advocates are required to attend Basic every 5 years and are recommended to attend Advanced annually.

Are these trainings accredited?

Yes. All Outreach trainings are accredited by VOCA, AZPOST, and COJET.

Can I request a different training than is currently scheduled?

Yes. Using the “Request a Training” section on our website, you can fill out a form indicating what type of training you’d like, some possible dates (note that these dates are not guaranteed and will depend on the availability of the Outreach Coordinators), and for what agency. An Outreach Coordinator will reach out to you to discuss further.

Can I watch the webinar with a coworker?

No. In order to receive credit for attending the webinar, each person must register and attend using their own unique link; otherwise, the Outreach Coordinators cannot verify that you attended and participated. If you already attended a training with a coworker, you’ll need to re-register for another date and attend using your own link.

What internet browser should I use to attend this training?

The suggested browsers for BigMarker are Firefox or Chrome. To ensure your internet browser is up to date, please test your connection prior to the training start time.

What should I do if I can no longer attend a training I’m registered for?

Please email and let us know the date of the training you’d like to un-register for.

I’m signed up for a training but am going to be late/need to leave early. What should I do?

If you enter the webinar more than 15 minutes late or exit more than 15 minutes early, you will not be able to receive credit and will need to sign up for another training date.

Why do you use an attendance monitor during your trainings?

The Outreach Coordinators are required to verify everyone’s attendance and participation in order to provide credit for VOCA, AZPOST and/or COJET. We have opted to use the attendance monitor as a simple alternative to requiring all participants have access to a webcam and microphone.

Where can I find more information about Victim Compensation?

The Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (ACJC) oversees each county’s Victim Compensation program. To find more information about the program, including each county’s contact information, visit

Where can I find training about Victim Compensation (as of July 2021)?

To take a computer-based training about Victim Compensation, visit and choose “Introduction to Crime Victim Compensation”.

Can I get a copy of the Powerpoint for a training I attended?

We do not give out the Powerpoint for any presentation; however, each participant will receive a comprehensive workbook (pdf fillable for webinar participants) with the information in the Powerpoint and room for notes.

I recently attended a training but did not save my workbook. Can I get another copy?

If you need a copy of a workbook, please email and provide the training and date of training. The Outreach Coordinators will verify your attendance and provide you with a copy of the workbook.

I’m having trouble registering for a training OR I’m having trouble entering the webinar with my own unique link. What should I do?

If you’re having issues registering for a training or entering an upcoming training using your own unique link, please email prior to the training start time for assistance. Registration for a training is open until the start time of that training.

Basic Victims' Rights

Basic Victims' Rights is presented from 9AM to 3PM with a one hour break for lunch.

This presentation is highly recommended for employees new to victims' rights or for anyone who needs a refresher. Content covers fundamental information about victims' rights for adult and juvenile crimes in Arizona.

Please note: It is highly recommended that you attend the Basic prior to attending the Advanced.


  • Brief History
  • Legal Definitions
  • Victims’ journey through the justice system with applicable rights/responsibilities
  • Pre-Conviction/Adjudication
  • Post-Conviction/Adjudication
  • Restitution

Advanced Victims' Rights - October 2022-August 2023

Advanced Victims' Rights is presented in a 3 hour session from 9AM to 12PM.

This presentation is for experienced victim services providers, Basic Victims’ Rights graduates, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of victims’ rights in the state of Arizona.


  • 2022 Legislative Updates
  • Navigating the Complexities of Victims' Rights in the Juvenile Justice System

Basic and Advanced Victims’ Rights Presentations are approved for *VOCA, AZPOST, COJET and CLE credit.

Systems-based Advocates: Are required to attend Basic every 5 years and Advanced annually.
Community-based Advocates: Are required to attend Basic every 5 years and recommended to attend Advanced annually.

*CLE Credit Criteria
Participants who are seeking Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit must meet certain criteria. You must be present for the entire presentation, as no partial credit will be given. If you are an attorney seeking CLE credit, please visit: to ensure you meet the criteria. If you qualify for CLE credit, please contact to request a CLE certificate and one will be provided to you upon verification of your attendance.