Resources for Seniors

There are many organizations in Arizona that assist the public with their concerns. It is a priority of this Office to help direct you to the right resource that may be of help. The following does not represent all resources that might be available, but it is a start. 

To report suspected elder abuse or neglect, contact:

  • 911 in an emergency
  • Your local police department
  • Adult Protective Services (APS) Adult Abuse Hotline:
  • Area Agency on Aging - 24 hour Senior HELPLINE (602) 264-HELP or (602) 264-4357
  • Office of the Attorney General - (602) 542-2124 or email [email protected]

Information on care facilities licensing or ratings, and hiring a caregiver:

Are you exploring a senior home for a loved one in your life?

Are you wondering what information you should have before making a decision about a home for an older adult in your life?

Need help vetting multiple homes you’ve toured for a love one?

This is a document created to help people access the qualities of different homes for older or vulnerable adults. It is intended to be used in preparation an research tog et valuable information needed to make a decision. This is in no way an exhaustive list of questions but simply a list of important information to consider.

Senior Facility Questions

Legal Information or Services

Businesses and their licensing

Agencies Providing Programs and Services for Seniors

National Resources

If you belong to an organization that would like to learn more about senior related issues, contact: 

Office of the Arizona Attorney General
Community Outreach and Education
(602) 542-2123
(800) 352-8431 (outside Phoenix and Tucson)
Email: [email protected] or submit the Presentation Request Form