I Will Challenge

The Maricopa Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance, recognizes the ever increasing CHALLENGE to our community and society, as the aging population grows at an alarming rate.

The fastest growing segment of our population is citizens 85 years old or older.

In Ariz., the 85+ population will triple by the year 2010 to 115,000.

In Maricopa County alone by 2015 there will be 87,683 an 118% increase.

85% of assets in the U.S. are controlled by citizens 65 years and older. (U.S. Banking Industry)

Elder abuse costs U.S. businesses tens of billions of dollars per year.

On average 1/3 of victims of financial fraud die within 12-18 months of the crime. (NABI)

Most cases are not reported to authorities.  As few as one out of twenty-five cases of financial abuse are reported; only one out of fourteen cases of all forms of abuse are reported. 

It is estimated there may be five million victims per year.

Must we wait until every family in the nation and state is personally touched by elder abuse and exploitation before we recognize and identify this as a national problem?

We would like to invite you to join us in taking the “I WILL” pledge so that every customer, potential client and voter will know of your positive commitment to preventing and reporting elder abuse and exploitation.