Human Trafficking and Exploitation

What the Attorney General’s Office Does

 The Arizona Attorney General’s Office prosecutes traffickers that take advantage of vulnerable people. We combat the heinous crime of human trafficking through outreach to community partners and law enforcement, as well as investigative and prosecution strategies. 

Report human trafficking

If you believe you are a victim and are in need of resources, or if you’ve seen a concerning interaction or know someone who could be in danger, call the Arizona Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-877-4-AZ-TIPS (1-877-373-7888). 

For immediate emergencies and victimization in progress, call 911 

Never intervene yourself.


The Office of Victims Services assists victims of crimes the Attorney General’s Office is investigating or prosecuting, including sex trafficking. Victims are brought into safe environments and connected with an advocate who can help them with not only the justice system, but also get them some basic needs like clothing and a place to stay. 


Human trafficking isn’t only something that happens far away in other countries, it can happen right here in our communities. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office meets with people across the state to get the word out on the indicators of human trafficking and the tactics of traffickers. Through presentations and training seminars, the AGO instructs participants on how traffickers in Arizona recruit their victims, the role of social media, and steps parents and others can take to protect those in our community.  

Presentations are tailored and available for: 

  • Business and community members
  • Tourism and hospitality industry
  • Law enforcement 

Request a community presentation      Request a law enforcement presentation


Reporting and prevention

SAFE Action Project Initiative 
The SAFE Action Project is an Arizona-based, collaborative effort to train travel, hospitality, and tourism industry professionals at all levels to identify, report and prevent human trafficking. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is a proud partner of the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations – Phoenix on the SAFE Action Project initiative. 

Victim assistance

Sex Trafficking Help 
Resources for sex trafficking victims  

The Dream Center, Where Hope Lives 
Recovery programs for human trafficking victims  

Safe Place 
Immediate help for teens in crisis and need a place to stay  

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 
Report concerns about potential child sex trafficking activity  

Education materials

Understand the data behind human trafficking and the conditions that make people vulnerable 

Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR) at Arizona State University