Serving AZAG Crime Victims

What is an Advocate?

Each criminal case opened by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for investigation, prosecution, or appellate litigation notification is assigned to an advocate in either the Phoenix or Tucson office. Refer to your initial packet or any letter from your advocate for specific contact information.

If your case is being prosecuted by a county attorney’s office please contact that office directly for information on your case.

Please be aware that the Arizona Attorney General’s Office does not have the authority to intervene in the investigation or prosecution of a case being handled by another law enforcement or prosecutorial agency.


  • Inform you of your rights;
  • Explain the criminal justice process;
  • Act as a liaison between you and the prosecutor;
  • Keep you updated on your case status;
  • Answer questions about the process;
  • Make referrals for needed services;
  • Escort victims to court proceedings or meetings;
  • Assist with forms and filings, including restitution claims and Victim Compensation claims;
  • Help you speak at court or speak on your behalf;
  • Communicate with the prosecutors and others working on your case.

Advocates Cannot...

  • Give legal advice;
  • Control the prosecution or case direction;
  • Talk with the defendant;
  • Interview witnesses or investigate any aspects of the case;
  • Provide therapy;
  • Provide childcare;
  • Act as an interpreter during court proceedings, formal interviews, or depositions.


ARS § 13-4430 provides that communication between a victim and advocate is privileged but may be shared within our office in order to assist victims and in furtherance of victims’ rights. Your advocate will discuss confidentiality during your initial phone contact.

Restitution requests and Victim Impact Statements are provided to the prosecutor and court. These forms may also be provided to defense counsel and/or the defendant upon request. Victims’ personal information is redacted according to statute. If you have concerns regarding these disclosures, please contact your assigned advocate.