About the Kroger-Albertsons Proposed Merger

and what it means for Arizonans

In October 2022, Kroger agreed to buy rival Albertsons in a deal to combine the two supermarket chains.

In Arizona, these companies are more recognizable and known as Fry’s or Smith’s and Safeway.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is investigating this merger under anti-trust laws and hosting Listening Sessions across the state to hear from Arizonans about the impacts this merger could have on our communities.

The merger could have an especially large impact within Arizona, where Kroger and Albertsons currently operate more than 250 stores combined, employ over 35,000 Arizona workers, and account for almost half of Arizona’s grocery market sales.

Past Listening Sessions:

Kingman, March 22 
Tucson, March 28 
Phoenix, April 11 
Prescott, April 12 
Yuma, May 23
Sierra Vista, July 26
Phoenix, August 1
Show Low, October 3


“I feel that every time two, or more, large corporations merge or one buys out another it reduces competition in the marketplace. This is especially true in the retail food industry. Living in a semi-rural area like Prescott Valley we already have a smaller selection of grocery stores within a reasonable drive. This proposed merger would lead to less selection and competition by closing existing stores, thereby reducing selection and raising prices. The larger and more powerful the remaining corporations get the more dangerous it becomes to the survival of the weaker ones. We are getting too close to a monopoly, I am opposed to this merger.”

- Prescott Valley resident

“It would be a disaster if it goes though. They discriminate against people with no cell phones.”

- Green Valley resident

“If there is any way to stop this action it would be wonderful. I am just reiterating what I am sure you have heard throughout AZ that any more consolidation will be extremely detrimental to consumers who already often have to travel in excess of 10 miles to a grocery store of any kind. This would leave Dewey, Mayer, etc. folks with nothing closer than Glassford Rd in PV.”

- Dewey-Humboldt resident

“This should not be allowed! This would cause Kroger to own the majority of grocery stores and that would end competition. I imagine stores would be closed/merged and that would cause a loss of job for a lot of individuals. This should be a no brainer and not allowed to go through!”

- Glendale resident

“If Krogers and Albertsons are allowed to merge, they would have a monopoly here in our community. It will most likely raise the price of the groceries that are already at an all-time high in our area.  It would limit the choices of where we can shop.  We are a small community and if by chance they were to close one of the stores, it would cause some people to drive a greater distance to shop.  It is an all-around bad idea and not fair to our community which already is one of the lower economic areas in our state. Please fight this.”

- Kingman resident

“I am in favor of the merger as it will provide increased bargaining power which can lead to lower prices.  I have been a lifelong Kroger shopper and prefer the vast majority of their products over other grocery chains.”

- Fort Mohave resident