Civil Rights Laws

Article 1 - Civil Rights Division and Civil Rights Advisory Board

Article 1

Civil Rights Division and Civil Rights Advisory Board

41-1401Civil rights division; advisory board; terms; vacancies; organization; quorum; compensation; definitions
41-1402Powers and duties of the division
41-1403Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents and taking testimony; right to counsel; court aid; process; service and return; fees of witnesses

Article 2 - Voting Rights

Article 2

Voting Rights

41-1421Voting rights; definitions

Article 3 - Public Accommodations

Article 3

Public Accommodations

41-1442Discrimination in places of public accommodation; exceptions

Article 4 - Discrimination in Employment

Article 4

Discrimination in Employment

41-1462Exemption; nonresident aliens, religious institutions
41-1463Discrimination; unlawful practices; definition
41-1464Other unlawful employment practices; opposition to unlawful practices; filing of charges; participation in proceedings; notices and advertisements for employment
41-1465Age discrimination; affected individuals
41-1466Medical examinations and inquiries; exception

Essential job functions

Article 5 - Enforcement Procedures For Discrimination In Voting Rights Or Public Accommodations

Article 5 

Enforcement Procedures For Discrimination In Voting Rights Or Public Accommodations

41-1471Charge by person aggrieved; investigation; conciliation agreement; civil action; temporary relief
41-1472Damages; preventive relief; civil penalties; attorney fees

Article 6 - Enforcement Procedures For Discrimination In Employment

Article 6

Enforcement Procedures For Discrimination In Employment

Filing charges; investigation; findings; conciliation; compliance proceedings; appeals; attorney fees; violation; classification
41-1482Recordkeeping; preservation of records; reports to division; furnishing information to other governmental agencies; information confidential; classification
41-1483Notices to be posted; violation; classification
41-1484Rules and regulations; good faith compliance as defense in agency and court proceedings

Article 7 - Fair Housing

Article 7

Fair Housing

41-1491.01Discrimination due to familial status
41-1491.02Exempt sales and rentals
41-1491.03Religious organization and private club exemption
41-1491.04Housing for older persons exempted; rules; liability; definition
41-1491.05Appraisal exemption
41-1491.06Effect on other law
41-1491.07Administration by attorney general
41-1491.10Reports; studies
41-1491.11Cooperation with other entities
41-1491.12Subpoenas; discovery
41-1491.13Referral to city or town
41-1491.14Discrimination in sale or rental
41-1491.15Publication of sales or rentals
41-1491.16Inspection of dwelling
41-1491.17Entry into neighborhood
41-1491.18Prohibition of intimidation
41-1491.19Discrimination due to disability; definitions
41-1491.20Residential real estate related transaction; definition
41-1491.21Brokerage services
41-1491.23Answer to complaint
41-1491.25Additional or substitute respondent
41-1491.27Temporary or preliminary relief
41-1491.28Investigative reports
41-1491.29Reasonable cause determination
41-1491.30Dismissal of complaint
41-1491.31Civil action
41-1491.32Court appointed attorney
41-1491.33Relief granted
41-1491.34Civil action by attorney general
41-1491.35Pattern or practice cases
41-1491.36Prevailing party; fees and costs
41-1491.37Superior court enforcement; local fair housing

Article 8 - Public Accommodation and Services

Article 8

Public Accommodation and Services

41-1492.01Prohibition of discrimination by public entities
41-1492.02Prohibition of discrimination by public accommodations and commercial facilities
41-1492.03Incorporation of standards in building codes
41-1492.04New construction and alterations in public accommodations and commercial facilities
41-1492.05Prohibition of discrimination in specified public transportation services provided by private entities
41-1492.07Exemptions for private clubs and religious organizations
41-1492.09Enforcement by the attorney general
41-1492.10Prohibition against retaliation and coercion
41-1492.11Examination and courses

Article 9 - Free Exercise of Religion

Article 9

Free Exercise of Religion

41-1493.01Free exercise of religion protected