Arizona Reproductive Rights


On May 2, 2024, H.B 2677 was signed into law, repealing the 1864 near-total abortion ban. This repeal will take effect on September 14, 2024. 

Enforcement of the 1864-era ban has been stayed by court orders until at least September 27, 2024.  Because the repeal will be effective before September 27, that means the territorial ban will not take effect in Arizona, so long as current court orders remain in place.

Accordingly, Arizonans can still obtain, and providers cannot be prosecuted for, providing abortion care in accordance with Title 36.

Arizonans take pride in their personal freedom and their privacy. The decision of how and when to grow one’s family is deeply personal and private. 

Arizonans deserve to decide what’s right for their families on their own terms, in consultation with their doctors, significant others, and faith communities, as they deem appropriate. 

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office provides clear and credible information about reproductive health care access in the state. Empowered with objective facts and context, Arizonans can make informed decisions about their reproductive health. 

Understand Arizona’s Abortion Laws
Wordy laws and legal jargon can be confusing for Arizonans searching for answers. 

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If you believe you’ve been the victim of fraudulent or deceptive practices when seeking reproductive healthcare, you can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

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Learn about some of the ongoing litigation in the courts and how it could impact Arizonans.

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Arizonans should understand that these webpages are not an exhaustive explanation of all abortion-related information. The pages are meant to be a tool to better understand how abortion is regulated in Arizona. Patients should always consult with licensed medical providers and seek additional information to answer their specific questions.

Arizonans should also understand that the law is in flux and may change due to several cases making their way through the courts right now. The information on the webpages is meant to be a starting point to understand the legal landscape regarding abortion, and it will be updated to reflect relevant developments in the law. 

Finally, Arizonans should understand that this information is not intended to be legal advice and creates no attorney-client relationship with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.