Attorney General Actions

Attorney General Kris Mayes hit the ground running on her first day in office to protect reproductive rights in Arizona. The first-ever Reproductive Rights Unit within the Attorney General's Office (AGO) stays attuned to key issues and legal developments in the reproductive healthcare space, as well as coordinates with other states and groups nationwide to protect and expand access. Attorney General Mayes has also vowed to keep Arizonans informed on the state of the law and updates in reproductive healthcare.


Attorney General Mayes takes legal positions that will protect the health, safety, and privacy of all Arizonans. Under her leadership, Arizona has joined with other states in affirmative litigation to preserve and expand reproductive freedoms in our state and across the country.

Protecting access to reproductive healthcare in the courts

The Attorney General is actively litigating against an attempt to resurrect a near-total ban on abortions from Arizona's territorial days. AGO is fighting to defend the court of appeals’ decision held that a licensed doctor who performs an abortion that is legal under the newer laws cannot be prosecuted under the older law.

Medication abortion is legal in Arizona

Attorney General Mayes joined a multi-state lawsuit asking a federal court in Washington to lift unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone, a medication abortion drug that has been used safely for over twenty years. Because of Arizona's participation in this important lawsuit, mifepristone is currently legal and accessible in the state.

At the same time, the AGO also filed a brief opposing an anti-choice activist lawsuit in a federal court in Texas seeking to ban access to mifepristone nationwide.

Health care privacy

On the regulatory front, AGO has submitted comments in support of proposed federal regulation that would safeguard reproductive health care privacy under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 

Attorney General Mayes issued data privacy guidance for those seeking reproductive health care now or in the future. The guidance offers tips for consumers who want to exercise greater control over their digital footprint and the collection of personal data.

Executive Order Protecting Reproductive Freedom in Arizona

Arizonans should know that cases related to Arizona’s abortion statutes are currently being litigated in the courts. Those cases could affect the state of the law here.

However, Governor Hobbs issued an Executive Order on June 23, 2023, which directed the Attorney General’s Office to assume authority over any criminal prosecutions for violations of laws restricting access to abortion care. Attorney General Mayes will not bring or authorize prosecutions against medical personnel who provide abortion care, nor against patients seeking abortion care.

Announcements and actions regarding reproductive rights: