Attorney General Mayes Issues Reproductive Health Care Data Privacy Guidance for Consumers

PHOENIX – Attorney General Kris Mayes today issued data privacy guidance for those seeking reproductive health care now or in the future. The guidance offers tips for consumers who want to exercise greater control over their digital footprint and the collection of personal data. 

“In a world in which we do everything online, many individuals leave a trail in their web browsing, search history, map history, and other application data,” said Attorney General Mayes. "While abortion remains legal in Arizona, the legal landscape around this issue remains in flux, and it is important for individuals to be aware of the digital footprint they create so they can make informed decisions about protecting their data privacy.” 

The guidance covers ways in which individuals can protect the privacy of their data, including keeping internet searches private, limiting tracking features, securing emails and text messages, payment options, and using caution with period-tracking, fertility, and other pregnancy-related apps. 

“Consumers do not need to justify their desire to protect their privacy to the government or for-profit companies – privacy should be the default presumption,” said Attorney General Mayes. “Consumer education around data privacy management is vitally important in a world in which data lives forever. This guidance provides simple tips to empower consumers to manage their data privacy.” 

Attorney General Mayes is dedicated to protecting all Arizonans and educating them of their rights. Earlier this year, Attorney General Mayes established the first-ever Reproductive Rights Unit in the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. A copy of the guidance and more information about the work of the Reproductive Rights Unit can be found at