Upcoming Conflict Resolution Training Events

The Conflict Resolution Program (CRP) of the Attorney General’s Office offers mediation trainings to court staff, advocates, and volunteers. CRP offers half day, 3-day, or 5-day mediation training options online or in person.

Upcoming Conflict Resolution Trainings

Training Type
February 14-16
3-Day Basic Mediation Training
March 27-29, April 4-5
5-Day Basic Mediation Training


Request Training

To request a training for your staff and volunteers or to attend an upcoming CRP training, please contact the Conflict Resolution Program:


The Conflict Resolution Program in the Arizona Attorney General's Civil Rights Division maintains a panel of experienced volunteer mediators to assist in resolving a variety of disputes. Cases can include Civil Rights mediations, involving allegations of discrimination in employment, housing, voting, or public accommodations; State agency mediations; Truancy mediations; and Victim Offender mediations. Volunteer opportunities vary by county. Mediations may occur in person, through video, or by phone.

To be eligible to apply to become a volunteer for the Conflict Resolution Program panel, mediators must have completed basic mediation training, consisting of at least 40 hours, and have current experience facilitating mediations. For more information about the program, please contact Tina Rohe, Conflict Resolution Program Mediation Coordinator at (602) 542-7657.