Community Outreach and Education

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The Arizona Attorney General's Community Outreach and Education team works to equip Arizonans with the knowledge and tools to protect against fraud and scams, protect vulnerable communities, crack down on the fentanyl crisis, and prevent human trafficking.

The community outreach team delivers no-cost seminars, presentations and workshops on the priority topics below to community organizations, local governments, schools, law enforcement agencies, assisted living centers and more.

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Consumer Protection 

Have you ever received calls or texts from an unknown number selling you something that seems too good to be true? What about emails or physical mail claiming demanding payment? Scam artists and fraudsters look for ways to take advantage of consumers. These presentations include information on how to protect yourself from fraud, warning signs it might be a scam, and common scams to look out for. 

Elder Affairs 

Protecting Arizona seniors from abuse and exploitation is an important priority for the Attorney General's Office. The office provides information on scams and consumer fraud, legal action against those who prey on seniors and life care planning

Human Trafficking Prevention 

Human trafficking doesn’t just happen in other countries; it happens right here in Arizona communities. Our presentation instructs participants on how traffickers in Arizona recruit their victims, the role of social media, and steps parents and others can take to protect children.  

Opioid Awareness 

There are few families in our state and across our country that haven’t been touched in some way by the scourge of the opioid epidemic and fentanyl crisis – with more experiencing the horrors of these drugs daily. The office's seminars include information on the signs of an overdose, the Good Samaritan Law and more. 

Additional Topics