Prescription Drug Diversion: Suspicious Activity Report

The below form is provided as a convenient way for health care providers (e.g. physician, pharmacist, hospital, etc.) and the general public to report suspicious activity involving prescription medication to the Arizona Attorney General's Office. For example: fraudulent, stolen, or altered prescriptions, a suspicious doctor/pharmacy or an individual obtaining prescription drugs for any purpose other than the treatment of an existing medical condition, such as for purposes of misuse, diversion, or illegal distribution.

It should be noted that submitting the form does not mean a criminal investigation will be commenced.

This information is reported directly to the AZ Attorney General’s Office and is not a complaint submittal to the AZ Board of Pharmacy.  If you would like to submit a complaint to the Board, please click on this link

Suspicious Person(s) Information (If Known)

Suspicious Person(s) Information (If Known)

Complaint Information

Complaint Type

Business Establishment Involved (If Any)

Business Establishment Involved (if any)

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Your Information

Your Information

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