Victims' Rights Briefs

Vol. XXVII No.2 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, May 2024

Vol. XXVII No. 1 Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure: Enhancing Victims’ Rights Visibility, March 2024

Vol. XXVI No.2 Legislative Updates and OVS Complaint Program – Annual Review, September 2023

Vol. XXVI No. 1 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, May 2023

Vol. XXV No. 3 Meet Our Team! Agency Support Team (AST) Overview, March 2023

Vol. XXV No.2 Post-Conviction Notice – Lower Jurisdiction Courts, December 2022

Vol. XXV No. 1 2022 Legislative Update and OVS Complaint Program, September 2022

Vol XXIV No. 3 National Crime Victims' Rights Week, April 2022

Vol XXIV No. 2 Victims’ Right to Confer, January 2022

Vol XXIV No. 1 2020 Legislative Updates and Victims’ Rights Compliance Program, September 2021

Vol XXIII No. 3  National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, March 2021

Vol. XXIII No. 2  Revisiting Practices, December 2020

Vol. XXIII No. 1  FY 2020 Victims' Rights Complaint Program - A Year in Review, August 2020

Vol . XXII No.4  2020 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week #WhyWeAdvocate, May 2020

Vol. XXII No.3  Victims’ Rights Education: An Update from your State Victims’ Rights Outreach Coordinators, April 2020


Vol. XXII No.1 2019 Legislative Update, September 2019

Vol. XX1 No.4 Case Law Update - AZ Court of Appeals State v. Quijada, June 2019

Vol. XXI No.3 Arizona Attorney General’s Office 2019 Distinguished Service Award Recipients, April 2019

Vol. XX1 No.2  2018 Victims’ Rights Compliance – A Year in Review

Vol. XXI No.1  Victims’ Rights Education and Outreach, November 2018

Vol. XX No.4  2018 Legislative Updates, June 2018

Vol. XX No.3  Arizona Attorney General’s Office 2018 Distinguished Service Award Recipients, April 2018

Vol. XX No.2  Initial Appearances in Misdemeanor Court and Evaluation of Victims’ Rights Compliance FY2017, March 2018

Vol. XX No.1  Victims’ Rights Education and Outreach, December 2017 

Vol. XIX No. 4 2017 Legislative Updates, June 2017

Vol. XIX No. 3 National Crime Victims' Rights Week - National and State Award Recipients, April 2017

Vol. XIX No. 2 Victims' Rights Compliance, January 2017

Vol. XIX No. 1 Victims' Rights Training, November 2016

Vol. XVIII No. 4 2016 Legislative Updates, June 2016

Vol. XVIII No. 3 2016 Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award Recipients, April 2016

Vol. XVIII No. 2 Victims' Rights Enforcement, January 2016

Vol. XVIII No.1 2015 Legislative Updates, August 2015

Vol. XVII No. 4  2015 Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award Recipients, June 2015

Vol. XVII No. 3  National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 2015

Vol. XVII No. 2 Victims' Rights Enforcement: Common Violations, December 2014

Vol. XVII No.1  2014 Legislative Updates, Revised October 2014

Vol. XVI No. 4 2014 Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award Recipients, June 2014

Vol. XVI No.3  National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, March 2014

Vol. XVI No. 2  Victims’ Rights Compliance – Common Trends, December 2013

Vol. XVI No. 1 2013 Legislative Updates, August 2013

Vol. XV No. 4 2013 Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award Recipients, June 2013

Vol. XV No.3 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 2013

Vol. XV No.2 Identifying Victims of Crime, November 2012

Vol. XV No. 1 2012 Legislative Updates, August 2012

Vol. XIV No. 3 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 2012

Vol. XIV No. 2 Creating New Law: Arizona Attorney General Fights to Protect Victims’ Rights, January 2012

Vol XII No. 3 Crime Victims' Rights Week, April 2010

Vol. XII No. 1 Restitution Court: An Innovative Approach to Collecting Delinquent Restitution, September 2009

Vol. XI No. 4 Office of Victim Services Welcomes Director, June 2009

Vol. XI No. 3 Crime Victims' Rights Week, April 2009

Vol. XI No. 2 Restorative Justice, December 2008

Vol. XI No. 1 2008 Legislative Update, September 2008

Vol. X No. 6 U-Visas….An Overview, June 2008

Vol. X No. 5 Victims' Rights Request/Waiver Form: How Does It Work?, May 2008

Vol. X No. 4 Victims' Rights in Mutual Combat/Dual Arrest Situations, April 2008

Vol. X No. 3 OVS Welcomes New Director, March 2008

Vol. X No. 2 Distinguished Service Award Winners 2007, January 2008

Vol. X No. 1 Legislative Update September 2007

Vol. IX No. 5 National Crime Victim Rights Week Victims’ Rights: Every Victim. Every Time. April 22-28, 2007 April 2007

Vol. IX No. 4 Fiscal Year Mid-Term Complaint Review February 2007

Vol. IX No. 3 Office of Victim Services (OVS) Updates December 2006

Vol. IX No. 2 DV Awareness Month and OVS Training October 2006

Vol. IX No. 1 Legislative Update August 2006

Vol. VIII No. 8 Reader Survey June 2006

Vol VIII No. 7 National Crime Victim Rights Week Victims’ Rights: Strength in Unity April 23-29, 2006 April 2006

Vol. VIII No. 6 Victims’ Rights 101: A Review February 2006

Vol. VIII No. 5 Justice for All Act of 2004 December 2005

Vol. VIII No. 4 October 2005: Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 2005

Vol. VIII No. 3 2005 Legislative Update: Victims’ Rights August 2005

Vol. VIII No. 2 2005 Attorney General’s Office’s Distinguished Service Awards June 2005

Vol. VIII No. 1 Preparing Victims for the Parole and Clemency Process January 2005

Vol. VII No. 10 Valuing Victims’ Views April/May 2004

Vol. VII No. 8 Victims’ Rights: Request or Waive January/February 2004

Vol. VII No. 7 Office of Victim Services Welcomes New Director October/November 2003