Consumer Alerts

The Attorney General’s Office issues consumer alerts regarding reproductive rights issues to help consumers make informed decisions.

Understanding the difference between “crisis pregnancy centers” and licensed facilities that provide reproductive health care

For patients considering or seeking abortion care, crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) can be an obstacle hiding in plain sight. CPCs are rarely licensed medical facilities. In general, the main goal of CPCs is to persuade patients not to have abortions.

Know the red flags

Understanding Arizona Law Regarding IVF

Following the Alabama Supreme Court's ruling regarding in vitro fertilization, patients in Arizona could be wondering whether they can still plan for and undergo IVF to grow their families. IVF is still legal in Arizona. But, like many topics related to reproductive healthcare, this remains a fluid area of the law that might change in the future.

Understanding Arizona Law

Protect Your Privacy When Seeking Reproductive Healthcare

With the proliferation of healthcare technology like period-tracking and fertility apps, data privacy has new urgency for reproductive healthcare. The Attorney General’s Office issued a consumer advisory to inform Arizonans how to protect their privacy in the digital space.

Protect Your Data Privacy

File A Complaint

If you believe you’ve been the victim of fraudulent or deceptive practices when seeking an abortion or other reproductive healthcare services, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Section.

If you believe a company has gathered your information in violation of its privacy practices, or has misused or sold your information without authorization, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Section.

You can also contact the Consumer Protection Section by phone at the numbers below.  Bilingual consumer protection staff is available to assist and answer any questions.

  • Phoenix: (602) 542-5763
  • Tucson: (520) 628-6648
  • Outside metro areas: (800) 352-8431

If you would like to file a complaint about a licensed medical facility, or an unlicensed facility that you believe is unlawfully providing medical services, you can do so with the Arizona Department of Health Services here.



This website is not intended to be legal advice and creates no attorney-client relationship between readers and the Attorney General’s Office. This website is not an exhaustive explanation of all abortion-related information and does not provide medical advice. Patients should always consult with licensed medical providers to answer their questions. The law is in flux and may change; this website will be updated as reasonably appropriate to reflect relevant developments in the law.