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Arizona Civil Rights Advisory Board (ACRAB)


Inclusive Home Design Letter dated 04-07-2015
re: Crime Free Housing Programs dated April 10, 2007
ACRAB Public Forum: Law Enforcement Post-SB 1070

ACRAB Survey Results on Law Enforcement Post-SB 1070
ACRAB Detailed Written Description of the Actions Taken on 09-24-2013 to be Ratified

The Arizona Civil Rights Advisory Board is a politically balanced volunteer body consisting of citizens appointed by the Arizona Governor. The Board is authorized to make periodic surveys of the existence and effect of discrimination in the enjoyment of civil rights by any person within the state of Arizona, to foster the elimination of discrimination through community effort, and to issue publications of the results of studies, investigations and research as in its judgment will tend to promote goodwill and the elimination of discrimination between persons because of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, familial status or national origin. The Board is part of and receives staff support from the Civil Rights Division of the Arizona Department of Law.

Board Members

  • Joshua W. Carden, Republican
  • Sandy F. Flynn, Republican
  • Robert M. Garcia, Republican
  • Rachel F. Johnson, Democrat
  • Kathryn Hackett King, Republican
  • Christopher St. John, Independent
  • Tarah L. White, Democrat

Rebekah Browder, Executive Director
2005 N Central Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

To contact the Board, please call:
(602) 542-4909

Upcoming Meetings:

The Arizona Civil Rights Advisory Board's next meeting will be:

Arizona Attorney General's Office
2005 N Central Ave
1st Floor Conference Room
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(Notice and Agenda)

Locations for Posting of Notices and Agendas for Meetings

This Board’s meeting notices and agendas are posted on our website and at the following physical locations at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to meetings:

Office of the Attorney General
Capital Center Building
Southwest Wall, 1st Floor
15 S. 15th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3223

Office of the Attorney General
Lobby of the Department of Law Building
2005 N Central Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85004-2926