Attorney General Opinions

Opinion Requests

Attorney General Opinions are issued when requested by the legislature (or either house of the legislature), any public officer of the State, or a county attorney, on a question of law relating to their office. Our Office does not issue opinions for private citizens, nor do we offer legal advice to private citizens.

**Currently Pending Opinion Requests**

Issued Opinions

The following opinions were issued from 1999 to the present time. The first two digits of each opinion indicate the year it was issued (I99 indicates it was issued in 1999), and the next three digits sequentially number the order in which the opinions were issued. For example, I99-003 would be the third opinion issued in 1999. The number in parentheses (R98-025) references the request for an opinion file number. Opinions of the Attorney General are advisory, and do not have the same effect as decisions of a court of law.

No. I09-011 (R09-020) |
No. I09-010 (R09-042) |
No. I09-009 (R08-059) |
No. I09-008 (R09-026) |
No. I09-007 (R09-005) |
No. I09-006 (R09-005) |
No. I09-004 (R08-014) |
No. I09-002 (R08-048) |