Attorney General Mark Brnovich Obtains Nationwide Injunction to Stop COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

PHOENIX - Today, the District Court for the Western District of Louisiana granted a nationwide injunction, putting the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on hold for health care workers as a multistate lawsuit, co-led by Attorney General Mark Brnovich, moves forward. 

"Today, we won a major victory for our health care heroes across the country," said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.  "It's unacceptable for the federal government to tell our medical professionals what to inject into their bodies. I will continue to push back against these unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandates for all Americans."

Memorandum Ruling Granting Nationwide Preliminary Injunction
Order Granting Nationwide Preliminary Injunction

The nationwide injunction stems from General Brnovich's lawsuit where he is co-leading a coalition of 12 states against the Department of Health and Human Services and other federal officials to stop their COVID-19 vaccine mandate on health care workers. The rules, which were published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, require all eligible staff working at a facility that participates in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, regardless of clinical responsibility or patient contact, to get the COVID-19 vaccination. 


Additional AGO Actions
General Brnovich has been at the forefront of pushing back against the Biden administration’s unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandates for federal employees, contractors, private employers with more than 100 employees, and health care workers. 

Just last week, he expanded his lawsuit to stop the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for federal contractors and employees. The amended complaint added the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) and the United Phoenix Firefighters Association Local 493 (UPFA) as co-plaintiffs, along with the existing co-plaintiff who is a federal employee.

Current AGO Lawsuits 
Brnovich v Biden (Federal Employees and Contractors)
Multistate Coalition v. Biden (OSHA Rules)
Multistate Coalition v. HHS (CMS Mandate)

 Additionally, earlier this month, General Brnovich sent a letter to Governor Doug Ducey urging him to take three immediate actions to protect the liberties of Arizonans against COVID-19 vaccine government mandates.