AG Brnovich Calls on Governor Ducey to Stop Government COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

PHOENIX – Attorney General Mark Brnovich is calling on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to take three immediate actions to protect the individual liberties of Arizonans against COVID-19 vaccine government mandates.

“Protecting people from government COVID-19 vaccine mandates must be a priority,” said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. “I am urging the Governor to take immediate steps to help protect Arizona families."

General Brnovich is asking for the following three actions to be taken:

  1. Full cooperation to identify state contracts with federal agencies affected by the Biden Administration’s unlawful contractor mandate. The Governor’s assistance is essential in the Attorney General's Office (AGO) lawsuit against the Biden Administration, and time is of the essence as the litigation will move forward on November 19th.
  2. Instruct the Arizona Department of Health Services to issue an emergency rule that preempts political subdivisions from mandating COVID-19 vaccines for public employees.
  3. Call a special session of the Arizona Legislature to resurrect the commonsense laws that were recently struck down by the courts on procedural grounds. A special session is necessary to ensure that rational policies are passed and take effect as soon as possible. The following laws were struck down:
  • HB 2898 Section 12, adding A.R.S. § 15-342.05(B), which prohibits a school district or charter school from requiring a student or teacher to receive a vaccine for COVID-19 to participate in in-person instruction; 
  • SB 1825 Section 2, adding A.R.S. § 15-1660.05(A), which prohibits universities and community colleges from requiring students to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination or show proof of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, among other prohibitions;
  • SB 1824 Section 12, amending A.R.S. § 36-672, which clarifies whether vaccines subject to emergency use authorization can be required for school attendance and the conditions under which DHS may require a vaccination for school attendance; and
  • SB 1824 Section 13, adding A.R.S. § 36-681, which prohibits this state and any county, city, or town from establishing a COVID-19 vaccine passport or requiring any person to be vaccinated or a business to obtain proof of COVID-19 vaccination status.  

General Brnovich has been at the forefront of pushing back against the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandates for federal employees, contractors, and private employers with more than 100 employees. You can read more here.

Copy of General Brnovich’s letter is available.