AG Brnovich Mails Thousands of Repair Incentive Gift Cards in Honda Settlement

More than 15,000 repair incentive gift cards mailed; $100 restitution checks also have been sent to more than 15,000 eligible Arizonans

PHOENIX – Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced more than 15,000 gift cards have been mailed to eligible Arizonans statewide to encourage consumers to replace their defective and potentially deadly Takata airbags.
In October, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) reached a historic settlement with Honda over allegations it concealed safety issues related to dangerous Takata airbag systems in certain Honda and Acura vehicles. The settlement included $1.65 million in restitution for Arizona consumers, as well as a $2.13 million repair incentive program to encourage the completion of vital safety recalls.
Approximately 40,000 Arizonans are driving Acura or Honda vehicles with dangerous Takata airbags.
On December 11th, the AGO mailed approximately 15,325 repair incentive gift cards to eligible Arizonans driving Honda or Acura vehicles with Takata alpha inflators. Alpha inflators were installed in certain older Honda and Acura vehicles. The gift cards can only be used if the consumer goes to a Honda or Acura dealership for the free airbag replacement. 

Additionally, in November, the AGO mailed $100 restitution checks to more than 15,000 Arizonans who purchased Honda or Acura vehicles between September 1, 2012, and November 3, 2015.
In February, the remaining gift cards will be mailed out to vehicle owners with Takata non-alpha inflators.
It is very important for Arizona consumers to complete their free repairs immediately. Owners do not need to wait to receive their repair incentive gift card to complete their repair. Eligible owners who complete the repair (after the AGO October settlement) will receive a gift card. 

Consumers who own a Honda or Acura vehicle are strongly encouraged to visit Honda’s airbag recall website or call its Customer Service toll-free number at (888) 234-2138, to check whether their vehicle is subject to a recall. 
All safety recall repairs are FREE at authorized Honda or Acura dealers.
Arizonans do not need to take any additional action to receive a repair incentive gift card or restitution check. The restitution checks and gift cards have been or will be sent directly to eligible consumers. Gift cards will only be activated after a consumer takes their vehicle to a Honda dealership and replaces their defective airbag.
This case is being handled by Civil Litigation Division Chief Counsel Joseph Sciarrotta, and Consumer Protection Unit Chief Counsel Matthew du Mee.

Below is an example of the repair incentive gift card.

Photo example of giftcard