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In today’s fast paced & high tech society, it is easy to fall victim to scammers, potentially ruining your credit and costing you hundreds of dollars. In our Young Consumer presentation, young adults will learn how to protect themselves from predators determined to take advantage of them. Contact Community Outreach today to schedule our Young Consumer presentation!

Consumer Guide for Young Adults

The Arizona Attorney Generals Office is committed to protecting Arizona and its citizens through prevention and education. The Office provides valuable tools and resources for Seniors, Parents, Schools, Military and Veterans, and Law Enforcement. Useful links for Arizona Families and Communities are provided below.

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As the elderly population grows, protecting Arizona's older citizens continues to be one of the most important responsibilities of the Attorney General’s Office. Far too often, scam artists target senior citizens. Seniors are often perceived by criminals as vulnerable with easily accessible accounts and pensions. As a result, seniors fall victim to a wide range of consumer fraud and scams. The Arizona Attorney General's Office works to protect all of Arizona's seniors by providing informative classes and information to educate seniors, taking legal action against those who prey on seniors and supporting legislation to toughen penalties against those who commit crimes against Seniors.


The Office provides information and resources to Parents to help keep Arizona's children safe. The office of the Attorney General works with law enforcement agencies and supporting state agencies to ensure that our communities remain safe. Our community services and outreach programs offer presentations and information to help Parents on a wide variety of topics such as internet safety, identity theft and drug prevention. Office publications and resources are available to parents to continue to ensure their children are protected and informed.

Kid's Page

The Office of the Attorney General is committed to making sure our children are protected and are able to grow up in a safe communities. As part of this commitment, the office has established the Youth Advocacy Initiative, a series of projects that focus on youth education, awareness and advocacy. In addition, we offer numerous programs designed to keep kids informed and safe through interactive presentations, publications and videos . 

Veterans and Active Military

The Attorney General is dedicated to ensuring that veterans and active duty military service members receive the benefits they have earned. The office provides numerous resources and guides, including a hotline devoted to those who have served, useful pre and post deployment information and valuable tools aimed at helping veterans. 

Law Enforcement

The Attorney General's Office works with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to help keep Arizonans safe. This multi-agency partnership focuses on officer safety, law enforcement community relations, and crime and fraud prevention. As the State's chief Law Enforcement Officer, the Attorney General also serves as chairman of the Peace Officer's Memorial Board which offers assistance for families of fallen officers.


As part of the Attorney General's commitment to making sure our children are able to grow up in a safe community, we provide educational resources and publications for schools. The office is working to insure that schools have the resources they need to help educate and protect the children of Arizona. The Schools page provides useful links, videos and downloadable material for the classroom. Additionally, request forms to request publications and presentations are available and can be submitted online.


The Office is committed to providing materials to help protect the citizens of Arizona. There are many publications available on our Resource Page

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