Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich






State v. Amorita Holdings, LLC (Complaint) February 2013
Hurst Homes v. City of Avondale (disability) (Complaint) (Compulsory Arbitration) (Summons) (Cover Sheet(Consent Decree) March 2011
State v. Hildale Colorado City (religion) (Complaint) June 2010
State v. Old Concho(disability) (Complaint) (Consent Judgment) March 2009
State v. Mesa Village (disability)(Complaint) (Consent Decree) November 2008
State v. The Scottsdale Condominium Association (disability) (Complaint)(Consent Decree) July 2008
State v. Del Castillo (sex) (Complaint) (Default Judgment) February 2008
State v. Perno (familial status) (Complaint) (Consent Judgment) January 2008
State v. WDOP Sub LLP (disability) (Complaint) (Consent Judgment) August 2007
State v. Villatree Apartments (race/religion) (Complaint) May 2007
State v. FGPJ Apartments (disability) (Amended Complaint) (Consent Decree) October 2007
State v. BAZV (disability) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) February 2007
State v. Ogorzaly (race/color) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) December 2006
State v. Aimco (disability) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) November 2006
State v. Sunland Village (religion) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) March 2006
State v. William Lyon Homes (race) (Consent Decree) February 2006
State v. Equity Residential (disability) (Consent Decree) July 2005
State v. Mlynarcyzk (race/color) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) October 2004
State v. Show Low Apartments (disability/service animal) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) September 2004
State v. Town of Payson (disability) (Complaint) (Judgment) July 2004
State v. Sale (familial status) (Complaint) (Consent Decree) May 2004