Arizona DNA Report 2007

Extraordinary developments in DNA technology over the past several years have dramatically increased the available pool of evidence that can be subjected to DNA testing. This increasing volume of evidence, together with expanded databases containing identifying information from convicted felons, has created a tremendous resource for law enforcement to help solve crimes and to protect the innocent. These improvements in DNA technology have created a need to reevaluate how crime labs operate and whether state and local policies and procedures take advantage of this technology.

Racial Profiling Policy Guidance

Complaints of racial profiling by law enforcement agencies following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, are again at the forefront of concerns for our communities and, certainly, law enforcement agencies. Many police departments have implemented policies, procedures and training to minimize race-based profiling tactics. Litigation has continued in this area in recent years. In fact, my Office has represented the Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) in a lawsuit alleging racial profiling.