Current procurement opportunities are advertised on the Arizona State Procurement web site. Please follow this link to view opportunities.

Arizona Procurement Portal  

General Outside Counsel Services

The Office of the Attorney General normally advertises a Request for Proposal (RFP) once per year for Outside Counsel Services in accordance with A.R.S. §41-2538.

Contracts are awarded for a one year period on an "as needed, if needed basis." No guarantee is made that any work will be assigned. 

The RFP is usually announced in the fall of each year. Current RFP Announcements, when available, will be posted to this site. Should you wish to be added to the potential bidders list, please email with your contact information. It is strongly encouraged to also register as a vendor with the Arizona State Procurement Office at

Current Opportunity

Current solicitations are listed below:

Solicitation# BPM005109, AG Project# AG23-0020
Description: Child & Family Protection Division Dependency Cases – Mohave County
Close Date: 3/10/2023 at 3:00 PM

Closed recent solicitations are listed below:

Solicitation# BPM004992, AG Project# AG23-0012 
Description: Outside Counsel Services – Arizona Power Authority 
Close Date: 11/30/2022 at 3:00 PM **CLOSED**

Solicitation# BPM004937, AG Project# AG23-0001 
Description: Outside Counsel Services – General Services 
Close Date: 11/16/2022 at 3:00 PM **CLOSED**

Solicitation# BPM004964, AG Project#: AG23-0009 
Description: Outside Counsel- Consumer Fraud and Related Civil Actions (Contingency Fee) 
Close Date: 11/14/2022 at 4:00 PM **CLOSED**

Request for Waiver of Conflict of Interest Form

Request For Grant / Proposal Application - AZAG Settlement Grants

Current solicitations are listed below:

No current solicitations.

Closed recent solicitations are listed below:

RFGA Consumer Protection Education Programs
Solicitation Number: AG23-0017
Close Date: 12/9/2022

RFGA Child and Family Advocacy Center Fund
Solicitation Number: AG23-0016
Close Date: 12/6/2022

RFGA Opioid Abatement Funding – One Arizona Plan
Solicitation Number: AG23-0010
Close Date: 11/28/2022

Contingency Fee Contracts

A.R.S. §41-4803 requires the Office of the Arizona Attorney General to post Contingency Fee Contracts. The current contracts may be found by following this link:

AG18-0013 - Hagen Berman Assignment to Mercedes Daimler Emissions  
AG19-0030 - Consovoy McCarthy Assignment to Purdue Pharma  
AG18-0013-006 Cooper Kirk Assignment

A.R.S. §41-4803 requires the Office of the Arizona Attorney General to post any payments made under a Contingency Fee Contract.

Contingency Fee Payments