AG Office Awarded $50,000 Grant to Combat Identity Theft

PHOENIX (Monday, January 30, 2012) -- The Attorney General’s office, local law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders will hold a conference Tuesday, January 31 at 8:30 a.m. to discuss critical issues facing the state in combating identity theft. Arizona ranks high nationally having over 7,000 cases of identity theft every year. 
The meeting will bring together the organizations and individuals working on identity theft, both locally and nationally, in order for Arizona to be on the “cutting edge” of this terrible problem facing law enforcement.

AG Horne Announces Alleged Consumer Fraud-Related Contempt Action Against Tempe Transmission Shop

PHOENIX (Monday, January 30, 2012) -- Attorney General Tom Horne today announced that he has asked for a court order requiring Tempe-based Transplant Plus and its principals to show cause why they should not be held in Contempt for multiple violations of their July 8, 2011 Consumer Fraud Consent Judgment with the State. Garo Enterprises, Inc. is a Tempe transmission shop run by Robert Brady, which conducts business under the name Transplant Transmissions. The company sells and installs remanufactured transmissions at 1750 E. Elliot Road, Tempe, Arizona.

AG Horne/DEA/ICE Take Down Multi-Million Dollar Marijuana and Cocaine Trafficking Organization From Mexican Cartel

PHOENIX (Friday, January 27, 2012)--Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne today announced the arrests of 14 of 15 suspected members of a large-scale marijuana and cocaine trafficking organization. This organization has smuggled over 19.1 kilograms of cocaine and 2,952 pounds of marijuana into the United States since December of 2010 with a Tucson, Arizona street value estimated to be between $2,631,600 and $2,126,400.

AG Horne Announces Indictment of So. AZ Man Accused of Fraud, Theft, Forgery and Falsely Claiming To Be An Attorney

PHOENIX (Friday, January 20, 2012) -- Attorney General Tom Horne today announced that his office has indicted a southern Arizona man who’s accused of Fraud, Theft and Forgery in a case in which the accused allegedly posed as an attorney to defraud consumers and insurance providers.

AG Horne; Sec. Bennett and Rep. Farnsworth Announce New Legislation To Strengthen Corp. Disclosure Reporting Requirements

PHOENIX (Wednesday, January 18, 2012) -- Attorney General Tom Horne, Secretary of State Ken Bennett and Representative Eddie Farnsworth today in a news conference announced new legislation, House Bill 2385, a bill that will make changes to existing law related to campaign finance regulations and so called “Citizens United” organizations. The bill will ensure the integrity of Arizona’s electoral process by expanding corporate disclosure requirements.

AG Tom Horne Announces Indictment of James Eugene Burns - Ret. Colonel Allegedly Stole $2 Million From National Guard Families

PHOENIX (Wednesday, January 4, 2012) -- Attorney General Tom Horne announced the indictment of a retired colonel for allegedly stealing $2 million from a fund to help families of national guardsmen deployed overseas. The defendant, James Eugene Burnes, 66, of Tempe, Arizona, has been indicted by the State Grand Jury on one count of Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices, a class 2 felony; five counts of Theft of an amount over $25,000, class 2 felonies; and two counts of Forgery, class 4 felonies. The state alleges the money was diverted for his personal use.