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Horne Announces $2.1 Million Pharmaceutical Payout; Largest to Date

PHOENIX (Thursday, March 10, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne today announced Arizona has received the largest-ever pharmaceutical payout in Arizona history - nearly $2.1 million - as part of the largest-ever multi-state consumer protection-based pharmaceutical settlement.

Horne stated:  “This settlement sends a powerful message to drug companies that deceptive practices will not be tolerated.  The health and safety of consumers is vitally important, especially where medications are necessary for the well-being of the patient.”

Attorney General Tom Horne Announces Complaint for Injunction Against Smoke Freely, LLC

PHOENIX (Wednesday March 9, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne today filed a complaint in Pima County Superior Court for injunctive relief, restitution and civil penalties against Smoke Freely, LLC, an Arizona limited liability corporation.  Smoke Freely offers Prado Electronic Cigarettes (“Prado E-Cig”) for sale. An Electronic Cigarette or “E-Cig” is a battery-powered device that can provide inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized solution. Professional Marketing Associates, Inc.

Attorney General Tom Horne Announces Settlement Agreement with Quik Cash Financial Services

PHOENIX (Tuesday March 8, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne announced today a consent judgment against Quik Cash Financial Services to pay up to $170,000 in restitution to “eligible consumers” that were victims of consumer fraud.  Quik Cash was a pay day lender which operated in most Arizona counties.