U.S. Supreme Court Rules Unanimously for State in Traffic Stop Case

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Jan. 26, 2009) The United States Supreme Court today issued a unanimous decision in favor of the State in the case of State of Arizona v. Johnson. The Supreme Court held that a police officer may conduct a pat-down search of a passenger of a vehicle following a lawful traffic stop if the officer has reasonable suspicion that the passenger is armed and dangerous. The ruling reverses a 2008 Arizona Court of Appeals decision.   

Terry Goddard Announces Greg Stanton Joining Attorney General’s Office

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Jan. 15, 2008) Attorney General Terry Goddard announced today that Greg Stanton will be joining the Attorney General’s Office as the Deputy Attorney General for Legislation, Policy and Strategic Planning in February.  In this capacity, he will oversee the development and implementation of the Office’s legislative and public policy priorities. 

Terry Goddard Announces Third Arrest in Theft from Friendly House

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Jan. 6, 2009)  Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced the indictment and arrest of a third person accused of being part of a fraud ring that stole $198,000 from Friendly House, Inc., a community  organization in Phoenix that provides social work, youth education, senior services, employment and training.  

Rosalie Magana, 60, of Phoenix, was arrested Monday after being indicted last week on one count of fraudulent schemes and artifices and three counts of theft, all felonies.