Terry Goddard Hails Arrest of Warren Jeffs

(Phoenix, Ariz. - Aug. 29, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard today applauded the arrest of Warren Jeffs, leader of the nation's largest polygamist section and one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted fugitives.

Jeffs, 50, was arrested late Monday on Interstate 15 north of Las Vegas by a Nevada Highway Patrol officer in what began as a routine traffic stop. The officer stopped the 2007 Cadillac Escalade Jeffs was riding in because he could not read the vehicle's temporary license plate.

Terry Goddard Renews Call for State Law to Fight Meth

(Phoenix, Ariz. - Aug. 28, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard today applauded a federal report showing a decline in methamphetamine use and meth labs in Arizona, though he cautioned that more work needs to be done to bring the epidemic under control.

Goddard said ordinances adopted by more than 40 cities and towns in Arizona are making a positive difference. But he said the lack of a state law to restrict the sale of over-the-counter drugs that can be cooked into meth amounts to a glaring hole in Arizona's effort to combat meth.

Terry Goddard Takes Internet Safety Program to Casa Grande School

(Phoenix, Ariz. - Aug. 28, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard will make an Internet Safety presentation to students at Cactus Middle School in Casa Grande at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 29.

The presentation will emphasize precautions young people should take with social network Web sites such as myspace.com and facebook.com. The presentation will include experiences of teens who have been victims of Internet exploitation. The Internet safety program was developed by NetSmartz and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Terry Goddard Brings Indictments against 69 Defendants in Massive Drug Bust

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Aug. 25, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced indictments against 69 defendants in one of the largest drug busts in the state’s history.

At a press conference held with Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris, Goddard announced the 417count indictment and the breakup of a drug organization based in Sinaloa, Mexico, accused of trafficking large amounts of meth and cocaine.

Ninth Circuit Sends Flores Case Back to District Court

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Aug. 24, 2006) The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has sent the Flores v. Arizona case back to the Federal District Court, vacating the District Court’s prior order sanctioning the State for not implementing an English Language Learner plan.

A three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals stated that “in light of changes in education programs and funding since the original 2000 court order, the District Court should have held an evidentiary hearing….”