Arizona Attorney General

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Terry Goddard Petitions U.S. Supreme Court on Voter ID Rules

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Oct. 13, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard today petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to allow Arizona to continue implementing the voter identification and registration rules contained in Proposition 200, approved by voters in 2004. The 30-page application was filed with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the justice assigned to hear emergency petitions from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Web Site Set Up for Consumers in Ameriquest Settlement

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Oct. 3, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced that a Web site has been established for consumers affected by the Ameriquest multi-state settlement. A toll-free number has also been set up for consumers without Internet access.

In January, Ameriquest Mortgage Company agreed to pay $325 million to consumers and states and make sweeping reforms of practices the states said amounted to predatory lending.

Goddard to Seek Review of Voting Rules Decision

(Phoenix, Ariz. -- Oct. 5, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard said today he will promptly seek a review of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that puts a hold on voter reform measures approved two years ago as part of Proposition 200.

The court today placed a stay on the State's new voting identification requirement and its rules for proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

Woman Pleads Guilty to Human Smuggling Charges

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Oct. 6, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced that Reyne Aguilar-Hernandez, of Chiapas, Mexico, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit human smuggling and one count of assisting a criminal syndicate.

The charges stem from an investigation by the Department of Public Safety that led to the arrest and indictment of eight suspected “coyotes” in March. The charges followed the execution of search warrants on a Mesa apartment complex.

Terry Goddard Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Permit ID at the Polls

(Phoenix, Ariz. -- Oct. 10, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard said today he will seek emergency relief this week from the U.S. Supreme Court to permit Arizona to continue to implement the voting identification rules contained in Proposition 200, which was approved by voters in 2004.

The decision follows a denial Monday by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit of the Attorney General’s motion to reconsider the court’s decision to place a hold on the voter identification rules.

R. J. Reynolds Agrees to Stop Selling Flavored Cigarettes

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Oct. 11, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company agreed to end the sale of candy-, fruit- and alcohol flavored cigarettes manufactured and sold by Reynolds. Goddard joined 38 other Attorneys General in the settlement agreement.

"Candy and fruit flavors are obviously attractive to kids and adding them to cigarettes is grossly irresponsible,” Goddard said. "This settlement will ensure that R. J. Reynolds acts more responsibly in developing and marketing its products.”

Terry Goddard Vows to Continue Human Smuggling Prosecutions

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Oct. 18, 2006) Attorney General Terry Goddard said a lawsuit filed today will not deter his office’s longstanding fight against human smuggling and coyotes operating in Arizona.

Goddard was responding to a lawsuit filed today in U.S. District Court in Phoenix that seeks to recover money transfers seized by the Attorney General’s Office and restrict the scope of human smuggling investigations. The lawsuit was filed by three out-of-state individuals to recover money seized in Western Union wire transfers.