Meth Cooker Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison

(Phoenix, Ariz. – March 7, 2005)  Algene Brown, a Gilbert man, was sentenced Friday to 23 years in prison for manufacturing methamphetamine drugs in the presence of children.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Dennis Dairman cited the danger of exposing six children to methamphetamines, one of whom has Downs Syndrome and the lack of adequate remorse as factors in sentencing Brown.

Attorney General Terry Goddard is supporting a bill to reduce meth production in Arizona.  

Five Arizona Inmates Affected by U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

(Phoenix, Ariz. - March 1, 2005)  Attorney General Terry Goddard today responded to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the  Missouri case Roper v. Simmons, where the court decision now bars capital punishment for defendants who were under age 18 at the time they committed first-degree murder.  

The 5-4 decision, authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy, affects five Arizona defendants who have been sentenced to death and who are currently awaiting state or federal appellate action: Tonatihu Aguilar, Levi Jackson, Kenneth Laird, Martin Soto-Fong, and James Davolt.