Scam Alert - Take This Scheme and Stuff It: Avoiding Envelope Stuffing Rip-Offs

(Phoenix, AZ—December 18, 2003) Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard has joined with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in warning residents to be wary of envelope stuffing rip-offs.

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Attorney General to Conduct Covert Inspections of Tobacco Sellers to Squelch Sales to Minors

(Phoenix, Arizona—December 18, 2003) Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced plans to conduct statewide compliance checks of Arizona’s tobacco retailers in an effort to reduce retail tobacco sales and access to youth. Under Arizona law, the sale or furnishing of tobacco products to people under 18, as well as the purchase or possession of such products by persons under 18, is a crime, subject to prosecution. 

Arizona Attorney General's Office Indicts Real Estate Agents

(Phoenix, AZ—December 1, 2003) Hal Fields, a local real estate agent and self-proclaimed investment expert, has been indicted on charges of fraudulent schemes and theft. Mr. Fields solicited individuals to pay him large sums of money for the purpose of bidding on and purchasing HUD Homes. The indictment includes 22 theft counts involving investor losses in excess of $1.4 million.