Goddard Demands Refund or Free Replacement of All Second Chance Bullet Proof Vests Containing Zylon®

(Phoenix, Arizona—November 20, 2003) On June 24, 2003, a  police officer in Forrest Hills, Pennsylvania was seriously injured when a .40 caliber bullet passed through a bulletproof vest manufactured by Second Chance Body Armor, Inc., which contained a material known as "Zylon®." The vest was six months old and was warranted to last five years.  The bullet is still lodged in the officer’ s abdomen. 

Sammy the Bull Gravano Ordered to Pay $805,713.41 for Arizona Drug Related Crimes

(Phoenix, AZ—November 18, 2003) Notorious, self-professed Mafia hit man Salvatore  "Sammy the Bull" Gravano and Debra Gravano were ordered to pay the State of Arizona $805,713.41 as reimbursement for court costs and investigative expenses relating to an earlier drug ring judgment. Attorney General Terry Goddard said that the monies were to reimburse the Phoenix Police Department and his office for actual costs involved in the investigation of the Gravano drug ring, plus reasonable attorneys fees to reimburse his office for prosecutors to combat organized crime and drug dealing.

Attorney General to Address Law Enforcement and Health Professionals at Sex Assault Conference

(Phoenix, AZ—November 14, 2003) Attorney General Terry Goddard will address law enforcement, health professionals, prosecutors, behavioral health practitioners and advocates attending the Sexual Assault conference on Tuesday, November 18. 

Arizona’s Third Annual Sexual Assault Conference is being held November 17-19 and is sponsored by the Governor’s Office, Attorney General’s Office and Arizona Department of Public Safety.