Mexican National Indicted on Identity Theft

(Phoenix – Oct 31, 2003) Attorney General Terry Goddard announced today the indictment of Ramiro Ayala-Aguilar on charges of taking the identity of a California truck driver.  

Ayala-Aguilar, 21, has been detained and deported numerous times by INS officials in Douglas and Tucson since July of 2000.  Ayala-Aguilar figured out that using the name, date of birth and social security number of legal residents made detection and detention much less likely. 

Joint Law Enforcement Efforts Results in 27 Arrests on Drug Trafficking Charges in Yuma

(Yuma, Arizona—October 21, 2003) The Office of Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced the arrest of 27 suspects in an on-going investigation of the Haro Drug Trafficking Organization. Last month, Assistant Attorney General Billie Rosen prosecuted ringleader Noel Haro on 17 counts involving marijuana, cocaine and money laundering. Haro was found guilty and was sentenced to 272 years in prison.  

Attorney General Goddard Unveils Internet Safety Programs at Forum

(Gilbert, AZ - Oct. 15, 2003)  Law-enforcement officials from around the state met today at the Gilbert Boys & Girls Club for an Attorney General forum about Internet crime and the new Arizona Internet Safety Initiative. 

The Arizona Internet Safety Initiative is an alliance of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Arizona Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs, NetSmartz Workshop® and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to put specific emphasis on educating children in Arizona about Internet safety. 

Attorney General Goddard Testifies at U.S. Senate Committee's Field Hearings on AZ's Pipeline Safety

(Phoenix, AZ – October 9, 2003)  Attorney General Terry Goddard today testified at the United States Senate Commerce Committee’s field hearing on Pipeline Safety in Phoenix. Goddard testified that Arizona’s economic future depends on affordable, reliable and safe supplies of both energy (fuel and electricity) and water and that Arizona is in a delicate position due to the scarcity of water and the lack of crude oil production or gasoline refining in the State. 

Attorney General Goddard Reminds Consumers that Household/Beneficial Settlement Payment Deadline is Approaching

(Phoenix, AZ – October 9, 2003)  Attorney General Terry Goddard issued a reminder today that the clock is ticking for Arizona consumers who haven’t sent in their settlement forms to participate in the Household/Beneficial settlement.  Valid forms need to be sent in on or before October 14, 2003. 

Scam Alert: Message from: Citibank Server

(Phoenix, AZ – October 8, 2003)  Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is warning Arizona residents of an internet e-mail scam that states it is sent "by the Citibank server" to verify the Citibank Member's e-mail address.  Residents throughout the state are receiving this internet e-mail message requesting verification of account information.  Residents are requested to provide personal information - their email address, ATM/debit card number, PIN number.