Proposed Aventis Settlement

Attorney General, Terry Goddard, announced a proposed settlement today for $80 million involving the popular heart medication Cardizem CD.  The fifty state settlement resolves an antitrust lawsuit filed by Arizona and multiple other state attorneys general against Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Aventis”), Andrx Corporation (“Andrx”) and affiliated entities. 


(Phoenix, AZ) - Terry Goddard, Arizona Attorney General, announced that arraignments are scheduled for Friday, January 24, 2003, of two companies charged with causing the deaths of two sewer workers in Yuma in October 2001. Employees of Far West Water & Sewer, Inc. and Santec Corporation were also indicted by the State Grand Jury for causing the deaths and endangering other workers.

National Consumer Protection Week Information Security

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has joined a group of federal and state organizations to help promote the fifth annual National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), February 2-8, 2003. This year’s theme, “Information Security: Putting the Pieces Together,” focuses on practical steps consumers can take to manage their personal and sensitive information wisely and help minimize misuse. 

Pfizer Settlement

Attorney General Terry Goddard announced today that his Consumer Protection & Advocacy Section in Tucson, along with the offices of eighteen other Attorneys General, settled an investigation into Pfizer's Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) advertising for Zithromax, a Pfizer product to treat young children’s severe ear infections (pediatric acute otitis media or AOM).  In addition to DTC ads, the Attorneys General also reviewed promotional Zithromax materials that Pfizer provided to doctors and other health care professionals.