Terry Goddard's Office Serves Search Warrant, Obtains Financial Records of Colorado City School District

(Phoenix, Ariz. – May 24, 2005)  The Arizona Attorney General’s Office today served a criminal search warrant on the Colorado City Unified School District, taking custody of boxes of financial records, other documents and computer equipment.

“For the past two years, my office has been investigating reports of possible financial mismanagement in the Colorado City School District,” Attorney General Terry Goddard said. “We executed the search warrant today in an effort to be sure the records are not at risk of being destroyed, removed or altered if the district is placed in receivership and to help determine if any wrongdoing has occurred.”     

The search warrant and its related documents are sealed by the Superior Court and remain confidential.

Goddard’s office is preparing a petition to present to the State Board of Education to put the school district in receivership.  The Arizona State Legislature recently passed a law allowing the board to place school districts in receivership if they are being financially mismanaged. The new law will take effect Aug. 12, 2005.  

“We drafted this legislation to ensure children receive the education they need and deserve,” Goddard said.  “I am taking steps to make sure children do not suffer for the financial mismanagement of a school district.”