Terry Goddard Thanks Senate Committee for Passing School Receivership Bill

(Phoenix, Ariz. – February 23, 2005)  Attorney General Terry Goddard today thanked members of the State Senate Education Committee for passing the School Receivership Bill (SB1476).

“This bill is necessary to ensure that our children receive the education they need and deserve,” Goddard said.  “I want to make sure children do not suffer for the financial mismanagement of a school district.  We have seen cases where a district has failed to pay its bills, even failed to pay its teachers.  This bill provides a mechanism to make sure children will continue to receive an education while a financially troubled district is straightened out.”

Goddard added that Committee approval is the first step in the legislative process.  Heis committed to work with members of the Arizona Legislature, Superintendent Horne, parents, administrators and teachers to ensure the Bill’s passage this session.  Goddard vowed to work with opponents of the legislation, including Horne, whose office testified against the bill.

If adopted, this legislation would allow a receiver to be appointed if the State Board of Education and a Superior Court judge find a school district financially mismanaged.  Goddard brought together a wide range of education experts to work on the bill.