Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Terry Goddard Secures Indictment Against Police Officer For Computer Tampering Charges

(Phoenix, Ariz. - February 10, 2010) Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced that Tucson Police Officer Angel Montalvo, 30, has been indicted on nine counts of computer tampering, one count of trafficking in the identity of another person, one count of aggravated taking the identity of another person, and one count of fraudulent schemes and artifices. The charges include nine Class 6 felonies, one Class 3 felony and two Class 2 felonies.

According to court documents, Montalvo misused his access to police databases for non-law enforcement purposes. Montalvo accessed the ACJIS database which houses sensitive information relating to driver registrations, criminal backgrounds, home addresses and other personal information of Arizona citizens.

Documents state that Montalvo accessed these databases over 20 times between May 20, 2009 and December 19, 2009 for his personal use. Montalvo is accused of then disseminating this information to non-law enforcement persons.

Montalvo has been with the Tucson Police Department for three years. He is currently on administrative leave.

He is scheduled to be arraigned at 1 p.m. today in the Pima County Superior Court.

This case was a result of a joint investigation by the Tucson Police Department and FBI and is being prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Michael Jette in Pima County Superior Court.

A copy of the indictment is attached. For more information, contact Molly Edwards at (602) 542-8019.