Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Terry Goddard Calls President's Immigration Plan Reasonable and Overdue

(Phoenix, Ariz. -- July 1, 2010) Attorney General Terry Goddard today expressed support for the immigration policy reforms proposed by President Obama, calling the President's plan long overdue and urgently needed.

"Based on the President's outline this morning, it appears he's proposing a responsible plan that deserves the immediate attention of Congress," Goddard said. "The President is offering a common sense path for illegal immigrants to get right with the law by passing a criminal background check, paying a fine, paying back taxes and learning English. These are all steps I have long endorsed. 

"The failure of Congress to enact this kind of reform long ago is part of what led to the passage of SB1070 and all the divisiveness it has generated. If Arizona is ever to move past this issue, we need the type of common sense reform the president outlined today."

Goddard said the President didn't go far enough, however, in addressing border security. 

"He said the border is more secure now than it has been in 20 years, but drug cartel murders and other violence south of the border are peaking and present a growing threat to the people of Arizona. The President needs to do more to support our efforts to fight the cartels and increase border security." 

Goddard called on the President to work closely with members of Congress and give them an immediate timetable to consider his proposals. He added that Arizona's congressional delegation "should provide bipartisan leadership to pass the reforms that Arizona so desperately needs." 

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