Terry Goddard Asks Congressional Delegation to Drop 'Nebraska Compromise'

(Phoenix, Ariz. -- Jan. 15, 2010) Attorney General Terry Goddard today sent a letter to Arizona's Congressional delegation, opposing the so-called "Nebraska Compromise" in federal health care legislation and asking them to strip it from the bill.

That provision, added in the U.S. Senate as an incentive for Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson to vote for the measure, would exempt Nebraska from paying additional Medicaid costs at the expense of Arizona and every other state. 

"The 'sweetheart deal' for Nebraska is a rotten deal for Arizona and every other state," Goddard said. "This provision is poor public policy and needs to be removed before this important health care bill is enacted." 

Last week, Goddard asked Gov. Jan Brewer to join him in signing the letter, but the governor declined.

"I was surprised and disappointed that the Governor was unwilling to join me in this letter,” Goddard said. "The message would have been stronger if we could have acted together." 

A copy of the Attorney General's letter to Arizona's U.S. Senators and Representatives is attached.

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