Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Terry Goddard Announces Hazardous Waste Settlement

(Phoenix, Ariz. – June 23, 2008) Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced a $63,500 settlement with Red J Environmental Corp. (Red J), a hazardous waste transporter based in Joseph City, Ariz., for hazardous waste violations that occurred at the company’s Phoenix facility at 3215 South 7th Street.

According to court documents, Red J illegally stored and transported 32,000 gallons of petroleum-contaminated wastewater treatment sludge without properly registering as a hazardous waste management facility or obtaining a hazardous waste storage permit. Federal and state laws prohibit the storage of hazardous waste for longer than 90 days without a permit.

In February 2005, Red J was notified of test results indicating that the sludge contained benzene and could easily catch fire. Inspectors from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality discovered that the sludge had remained stored at the Phoenix site until the end of April 2005.

“The permit requirement for hazardous waste is necessary to ensure safe handling, storage and disposal,” Goddard said. “State hazardous waste rules protect our communities and public health.”

Since being notified of the violations, Red J has brought its facility into compliance.