Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Terry Goddard Announces $75,000 in Grants to Fund Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Programs at Arizona Boys and Girls Clubs

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Nov. 1, 2010)  Attorney General Terry Goddard is making two grants to fund substance abuse prevention and education programs at Arizona Boys and Girls Clubs.

The first grant provides $45,000 for the Meth Smart Program, which works to educate youth on the dangers of methamphetamines. The second grant allocates $30,000 for the Smart Moves Program, which puts together programs to encourage young people to make smart decisions to avoid substance abuse and other risky behaviors.

“The Arizona Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs is grateful to Attorney General Goddard for his continued support of Boys and Girls Clubs,” said Jason Morris, President of the Arizona Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs. “His leadership in this critical area is so appreciated. We look forward to the immediate implementation of these grant funds throughout the State of Arizona, and continuing our partnership with him for the benefit of Arizona's youth.”

The grant awards are funded by the collections of criminal restitution payments for violations of the RICO Act.

For more information, please contact Steve Wilson at (602) 542-8351.