Statement from Terry Goddard on the Death of Mexican Cartel Leader

(Phoenix, Ariz. – Dec. 17, 2009) Attorney General Terry Goddard today made the following statement about the death of Mexican cartel leader Arturo Beltrán Leyva, who was killed late Wednesday following a gun battle with Mexican military Special Forces in Cuernavaca.

"I commend President Calderón and the brave men and women of the Mexican military and law enforcement for their courageous fight against the drug cartels that threaten public safety in both our countries. Yesterday’s death of Arturo Beltrán Leyva demonstrates that these efforts are succeeding and destabilizing the cartels at even the highest levels of power.” 

“The fight to restore the rule of law along the U.S.–Mexico border is far from over. The recent drug bust in Tempe involving 130 individuals, including many alleged to have cartel ties, underscores the need for U.S. and Mexican law enforcement to intensify our efforts to work together to combat the cartels.”