State Board of Education to Consider Revoking Teaching License

(Phoenix, Ariz. - June 22, 2005)  An advisory committee has recommended to the State Board of Education that the teaching license for Jeffrey French be revoked. French is currently not employed by a school district, but was a teacher at Phoenix Preparatory Academy from 1992 to 2004.  The recommendation follows a hearing held on June 21 before the Professional Practices Advisory Committee (PPAC), which advises the State board on issues related to teacher conduct.

The PPAC is the hearing body for allegations of immoral and unprofessional conduct against teachers and other certified individuals (i.e. principals, superintendents, etc.)and is comprised of teachers, administrators, and lay members who are appointed by the State Board of Education.  

The Complaint alleged that French engaged in acts of unprofessional and immoral conduct. The PPAC recommended that French's standard secondary and principal certifications be revoked on the basis that he: 

  • Made unprofessional sexual comments toward female co-workers; 
  • Made unprofessional sexual advances toward female co-workers; and 
  • Made unprofessional sexual comments and asked unprofessional sexual questions of female students.

The State Board of Education is expected to address the PPAC’s recommendation at its August meeting; however, a date has not been set. Assistant Attorney General Chad Sampson is arguing this case.