State Agencies to promote CUT IT OUT, A New Domestic Violence Awareness Program

(Phoenix, Ariz. – October 7, 2005)  In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, representatives from the Attorney General’s Office, the State Board of Cosmetology and the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ACADV) will join thousands of salon professionals at the Southwest Beauty and Nail Show to promote Arizona’s CUT IT OUT program. Sue Sansom, Executive Director of the State Board of Cosmetology, and Leah Meyers, Director of Domestic Violence Services for ACADV, will be at the hair show on Monday, Oct. 10 at 11:00 a.m. The show is being held at the Phoenix Civic Plaza, and organizers expect more than 7,500 stylists to attend.  

The CUT IT OUT program is an effort to build awareness of domestic violence. It trains salon professionals to recognize warning signs and provide information about local resources that can give assistance. The program is a partnership between the Attorney General’s Office, the State Board of Cosmetology and Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence to combat the tragedy of domestic violence.  

“This is a great opportunity to spread the word about the CUT IT OUT program,” Goddard said.  “Professional stylists share a special relationship with their clients and are in a position to reach out to someone who might be in trouble.”

The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence is providing training sessions to salon professionals during the hair show.  In addition to hair shows, the Coalition is also training students attending school at one of Arizona’s 43 cosmetology schools.  The State Board of Cosmetology is distributing informational materials to approximately 4,500 salons in Arizona.

“Most salon professionals see an average of 100-200 clients a month,” Sansom said. “By providing them with referral information, they can be a vital link to victims who don’t know where to turn," Sansom said.  

“Partnering with salon professionals provides an additional opportunity for intervention and community education about domestic violence, “ Meyers said. 

The national CUT IT OUT Program is sponsored by Southern Living At HOME, Clairol Professional, and the National Cosmetology Association.  The program has developed educational materials used throughout the country.  For additional information about CUT IT OUT or how to participate, visit the Attorney General’s Web Site at