Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Maricopa County Assessor Kevin M. Ross Indicted

(Phoenix, Ariz. – May 28, 2004)  The Arizona State Grand Jury indicted Kevin M. Ross, 42, the Maricopa County Assessor on three felony charges:  two counts of Conflict of Interest and one count of Obstructing Criminal Investigations.   The indictments were handed down on May 27, 2004.

The indictment alleges that Ross wrongfully disclosed or used for his personal profit confidential information acquired in the course of his official duties.  According to the indictment, Ross gave a mortgage company an electronic copy of a list of people granted tax relief through Proposition 104, also known as “The Senior Property Valuation Protection Act.”  This list contained personal and financial information considered confidential, and not available for public disclosure.  The indictment alleges that Ross provided this confidential information to the mortgage company.

The indictment also alleges that Ross provided the information with the understanding that the mortgage company would solicit reverse mortgages from persons identified on the disk, and Ross would be paid a commission for every reverse mortgage that resulted from the solicitations.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting this case, which is assigned to Assistant Attorney General Ted Noyes.  Attached is a copy of the indictment on which the Attorney General’s Office will refrain from further comment pending the final disposition of this case.