Judge Grants AZAG Motion to Consolidate 1,106 Lawsuits Targeting AZ Businesses

PHOENIX - A judge today granted the Arizona Attorney General’s Office's Motion to Consolidate 1,106 open lawsuits filed by a serial litigator targeting Arizona businesses. Today the judge also stayed the 1,106 cases pending further order of the court and barred the Plaintiff, Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities, from filing any new complaints asserting similar claims.

The Attorney General’s Office believes Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities is a serial litigator engaged in trolling litigation tactics aimed at producing profitable out-of-court settlements. The State intervened in the litigation as a matter of general public importance given the high volume of lawsuits being filed against businesses in Arizona.

The State intends to file a motion seeking dismissal of all consolidated cases on the basis of threshold questions of law and fact common to all consolidated cases, including, but not limited to, Plaintiffs’ lack of standing. The State also intends to seek sanctions against Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities and their attorneys.

View the Judge's Order.
View Appendix A - 1,106 Lawsuits.