Horne Recruits Experienced Trial Lawyers to Attorney General's Office

(PHOENIX)--Tom Horne, Attorney General Elect, announced today that he has recruited a number of experienced trial lawyers for the Attorney General’s Office.

“To win cases for the people of Arizona, we must recruit experienced trial lawyers who can handle tough cases and can help train less experienced lawyers within the office,” Horne said.

These lawyers include:

  • James Keppel, as Chief of the Criminal Division. Keppel was a prosecutor for 18 years, a Superior Court judge for 14 years, was Chief Deputy in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, and was selected as Prosecutor of the Year by the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council multiple times, both for Maricopa County and for the state of Arizona. He has tried over 100 cases to a jury.
  • Buddy Rake has practiced as a trial lawyer for 38 years. He has tried over 100 cases to a jury and obtained ten verdicts in excess of $1 million. He has tried 12 cases that led to a change in conduct, manufacturing, design, or decision making, that resulted in reduction of injuries or deaths. He was selected as one of the “Southwest Super Lawyers” for 2007-2009. He will be joining the Attorney General’s Office on completion of the major cases that he now has scheduled for trial. (Other lawyers on the list will be joining the Attorney General’s Office on January 3.)
  • Michael Tryon has practiced trial law for 37 years, both criminal and civil. He has tried 75 cases to a jury. His appellate advocacy includes 6 reported civil appellate cases and 15 reported criminal appellate cases.
  • Larry Cutler has practiced trial law for 32 years; 15 years as a prosecutor of homicide, organized crime, and complex crimes. He has tried over 50 cases to a jury.
  • Ron Lebowitz has practiced as a trial lawyer for 30 years, including 10 as a prosecutor. He has tried over 90 cases to a jury.
  • Andrew Pacheco, a former candidate for County Attorney, handled 600 criminal cases to disposition in the County Attorney’s Office, 200 in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and civil cases in private practice.